Warning Flag Kit Alu Twist Lock

Product number: 40840499
Weight: 0.58 kg
Delivery time: 1 - 2 Days

Warning Flag Kit Alu Twist Lock

Kit consisting of:
  • 1x Flag left (with twist lock)
  • 1x Flag right (with twist lock)
  • 2x Aluminium holder
  • 1x Kit mounting material

Dimension: 430x255mm

(according to: StVZO § 53b Abs.5 / German paragraph)

Item fits for Tail Lift
Tail Lift Type
1000AQ BC1000F2-A1 BC1000F2-A3 BC1000F2-A4 BC1000F4-A1 BC1000F4-A3 BC1000F4-A4 BC1000S-44 BC1000S2-M1 BC1000S2-M2 BC1000S2-M3 BC1000S2-M4 BC1000S2-M5 BC1000S4-A1 BC1000S4-A3 BC1000S4-A4 BC1000SX1 BC1500F2-B1 BC1500F2-B3 BC1500F2-B4 BC1500F4-B1 BC1500F4-B3 BC1500F4-B4 BC1500H42-G1 BC1500H42-G3 BC1500H42-G4 BC1500R21-K2 BC1500R21-K4 BC1500R42-G1 BC1500R42-G3 BC1500R42-G4 BC1500S2-K1 BC1500S2-K2 BC1500S2-K3 BC1500S2-K4 BC1500S4-B1 BC1500S4-B3 BC1500S4-B4 BC1500S4L-A4 BC1500S4U-B4 BC1501S2-K3 BC2000H42-D1 BC2000H42-D4 BC2000R2T-P2 BC2000R2T-P3 BC2000R2T-P4 BC2000R2T-P5 BC2000R41-D1 BC2000R41-H4 BC2000R42-D1 BC2000R42-D4 BC2000S4-C1 BC2000S4-C3 BC2000S4-C4 BC2000S4A-D1 BC2000S4A-D3 BC2000S4A-D4 BC2000S4U-C1 BC2000S4U-W3 BC2000S4U-W4 BC2500R41-D1 BC2500R41-H4 BC2500R4T-H4 BC2500S4-C4 BC3000S4-S3 BC3000S4-S4 BC502A2V/S2V–T BC601A2V/S2V–T BC602A2V/S2V–T BC603A2V/S2V–T BC618A2V/S2V-T BC750A2L-R3 BC750A2L-R4 BC750S2-R1 BC750S2-R3 BC750S2-R4 BC750S2L-R5 BC751SX1 BZ20-152S DFL1000-48 DFL500-48 DFL750-48 DHLM.08 DHLM.10 DHLM.15 DHLMQ.10 DHLSU60 DHLSU90 DHSM.20 DHSM.30 DL1000-48L DL1000-48S DL1500-48L DL1500-48S DL2000-48L DL2000-48S DL2500-48L DL2500-48S DL3000-48S DL500-48 DL750-48 DL950-48 DLB1000-27X1 DLB1000-36 DLB1000-44 DLB1000-45 DLB1000-46 DLB1000-47L DLB1000-47S DLB1250-45 DLB1500-45 DLB1500-46VA DLB1500-46VC DLB1500-47L DLB1500-47S DLB1500-47VA DLB1750-45 DLB2000-45 DLB2000-46VA DLB2000-46VC DLB2000-47L DLB2000-47S DLB2500-45 DLB2500-47S DLB3000-47L DLB3000-47S DLB500-36 DLB500-45 DLB500-47 DLB750-27X1 DLB750-36 DLB750-45 DLB750-47 DLB950-47 DS1500-48VA DS1500-48VB DS2000-48VA DS2000-48VB DS2500-48VA DS2500-48VB DS3000-48VA DS3000-48VB EL1005A EL1010A EL1505A EL2005A EL2025A EL3035A EL753A MBB C500LD MBB C750LX3 PBS1000 PBS1010 PBS1500 PBS1510 PBS2000 PBS500 PBS750 PTG-S2000 X1A1000 Z10-130S Z200-155 Z250-155 ZS250-155 ZSS250-155 ZV50-85MA
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