Hydraulic Aggregate 12V/0,8KW/1,0ccm Haldex

Article number: 14814315
Hydraulic Aggregate 12V/0,8KW/1,00ccm Haldex/Concentric
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General parameters

Hydraulic aggregate / Power pack
12 Volt
0,8 kW
1,0 ccm
3,5 ltr.

More information

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hydraulic Parts

1HA123245, 20902315

Hydraulic aggregate Haldex (old version)
Version: Double-Acting (DA)

Aggregate consisting of:

  • Electric Motor 12V / 0,8KW
  • Hydraulic pump 1,0ccm
  • Hydraulic tank 3,5ltr. (plastic)
  • Motor Relay 12V/80Amp
  • Motor block incl. 4/2 valve, check valve, pressure relief valve
  • without aggregate cover

This article is suitable for the following tail lift types:
The following information is only recommendations based on experience. The data of the tail lift (type + serial number) are crucial for an exact assignment.

Manufacturer Loading Capacity Type
BÄR CARGOLIFT Capacity 500kg - 750kg BC751SX1
BÄR CARGOLIFT Capacity 1000kg - 1500kg BC1000SX1
SÖRENSEN Capacity 500kg - 750kg X1A0750
SÖRENSEN Capacity 1000kg - 1500kg X1A1000
SÖRENSEN Capacity 1000kg - 1500kg X1A3-1000
SÖRENSEN Capacity 1000kg - 1500kg X1A6-1000