Warning Flag Kit Alu B/R/W Zepro

Product number: 40840390
Weight: 0.28 kg
Delivery time: 1 - 3 Days

Warning Flag Kit Alu B/R/W Zepro

Warning flag kit with ZEPRO print

Kit consisting of:

  • 2x Flag black/red/white EXPORT
  • 2x Aluminium holder
  • 1x Kit mounting material

Dimensions: 360x240mm

These warning flags are not approved in Germany.
Export product (observe the legal requirements in the respective country).

Reference numbers
20273TL, 31137TL
Item fits for Tail Lift
Tail Lift Type
BZ10-130S BZ10-131S BZ10-149S BZ10-151S BZ15-130S BZ15-131S BZ15-149S BZ15-151S BZ20-131S BZ20-152S BZX150-135 BZX150-155 BZX150-175 BZX200-135 BZX200-155 BZX200-175 BZXL150-135 BZXL150-155 BZXL150-175 BZXL200-135 BZXL200-155 BZXL200-175 RZ10-130S RZ10-131S RZ10-135S RZ10-149S RZ10-151S RZ15-130S RZ15-131S RZ15-149S RZ15-151S RZ20-131S RZ20-152S RZ45-110 RZ45-90 RZ75-110 RZ75-90 RZC45-110 RZC45-90 RZC75-110 RZC75-90 RZL45-110 RZL45-90 RZL75-110 RZL75-90 RZLU100-132SA RZLU45-110 RZLU45-90 RZLU75-110 RZLU75-90 RZN45-110 RZN45-90 RZN75-110 RZN75-90 RZNU45-110 RZNU45-90 RZNU75-110 RZNU75-90 RZU100-132SA RZU45-110 RZU45-90 RZU75-110 RZU75-90 RZX150-135 RZX150-155 RZX150-175 RZX200-135 RZX200-155 RZX200-175 RZXL150-135 RZXL150-155 RZXL150-175 RZXL200-135 RZXL200-155 RZXL200-175 SZD100-110 SZD100-132 SZD100-152 SZH100-132 SZH100-152 SZXD150-135 SZXD150-155 SZXD150-175 SZXD200-135 SZXD200-155 SZXD200-175 SZXH150-135 SZXH150-155 SZXH150-175 SZXH200-135 SZXH200-155 SZXH200-175 Z10-130S Z10-135S Z10-150S Z15-130S Z15-150S Z15-170S Z150-135 Z150-155 Z150-175 Z150-195 Z20-130S Z20-150S Z200-135 Z200-155 Z200-175 Z250-135 Z250-155 Z45-110 Z45-90 Z75-110 Z75-90 ZA150-155 ZA150-175 ZA150-195 ZA200-135 ZA200-155 ZA200-175 ZAHD150-135 ZAHD150-155 ZAHD150-175 ZAHD200-155 ZAHD200-175 ZD150-155 ZD200-155 ZHD1500-155 ZHD2000-155 ZHD2500-150 ZHD3000-150 ZHDL2000-155 ZHDN2000-155 ZL150-155 ZL200-155 ZL250-155 ZL45-110 ZL45-90 ZL75-110 ZL75-90 ZLU45-110 ZLU45-90 ZLU75-110 ZLU75-90 ZN45-110 ZN45-90 ZN75-110 ZN75-90 ZNU45-110 ZNU45-90 ZNU75-110 ZNU75-90 ZS150-155 ZS200-155 ZS250-155 ZSL150-155 ZSL200-155 ZSS150-155 ZSS200-155 ZSS250-155 ZSU150-155 ZSU200-155 ZTS150-140 ZTS200-140 ZTS250-140 ZU45-110 ZU45-90 ZU75-110 ZU75-90 ZV50-85MA
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