Warning Flag Holder (Alu) Zepro

Product number: 40840388

Aluminium holder for Zepro warning flags

Weight: 0.06 kg
Delivery time: 1 - 3 Days

Warning Flag Holder (Alu) Zepro

  • Dimensions: 260x27mm
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Version for Zepro warning flags
Reference number
Item fits for Tail Lift
Tail Lift Type
BZ10-130S BZ10-131S BZ10-149S BZ10-151S BZ15-130S BZ15-131S BZ15-149S BZ15-151S BZ20-131S BZ20-152S BZX150-135 BZX150-155 BZX150-175 BZX200-135 BZX200-155 BZX200-175 BZXL150-135 BZXL150-155 BZXL150-175 BZXL200-135 BZXL200-155 BZXL200-175 RZ10-130S RZ10-131S RZ10-135S RZ10-149S RZ10-151S RZ15-130S RZ15-131S RZ15-149S RZ15-151S RZ20-131S RZ20-152S RZ45-110 RZ45-90 RZ75-110 RZ75-90 RZC45-110 RZC45-90 RZC75-110 RZC75-90 RZL45-110 RZL45-90 RZL75-110 RZL75-90 RZLU100-132SA RZLU45-110 RZLU45-90 RZLU75-110 RZLU75-90 RZN45-110 RZN45-90 RZN75-110 RZN75-90 RZNU45-110 RZNU45-90 RZNU75-110 RZNU75-90 RZU100-132SA RZU45-110 RZU45-90 RZU75-110 RZU75-90 RZX150-135 RZX150-155 RZX150-175 RZX200-135 RZX200-155 RZX200-175 RZXL150-135 RZXL150-155 RZXL150-175 RZXL200-135 RZXL200-155 RZXL200-175 SZD100-110 SZD100-132 SZD100-152 SZH100-132 SZH100-152 SZXD150-135 SZXD150-155 SZXD150-175 SZXD200-135 SZXD200-155 SZXD200-175 SZXH150-135 SZXH150-155 SZXH150-175 SZXH200-135 SZXH200-155 SZXH200-175 Z10-130S Z10-135S Z10-150S Z15-130S Z15-150S Z15-170S Z150-135 Z150-155 Z150-175 Z150-195 Z20-130S Z20-150S Z200-135 Z200-155 Z200-175 Z250-135 Z250-155 Z45-110 Z45-90 Z75-110 Z75-90 ZA150-155 ZA150-175 ZA150-195 ZA200-135 ZA200-155 ZA200-175 ZAHD150-135 ZAHD150-155 ZAHD150-175 ZAHD200-155 ZAHD200-175 ZD150-155 ZD200-155 ZHD1500-155 ZHD2000-155 ZHD2500-150 ZHD3000-150 ZHDL2000-155 ZHDN2000-155 ZL150-155 ZL200-155 ZL250-155 ZL45-110 ZL45-90 ZL75-110 ZL75-90 ZLU45-110 ZLU45-90 ZLU75-110 ZLU75-90 ZN45-110 ZN45-90 ZN75-110 ZN75-90 ZNU45-110 ZNU45-90 ZNU75-110 ZNU75-90 ZS150-155 ZS200-155 ZS250-155 ZSL150-155 ZSL200-155 ZSS150-155 ZSS200-155 ZSS250-155 ZSU150-155 ZSU200-155 ZTS150-140 ZTS200-140 ZTS250-140 ZU45-110 ZU45-90 ZU75-110 ZU75-90 ZV50-85MA
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