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Warning Flag Alu 10 Kits

Product number: 40840299.10

Warning flag incl. holder 10 pieces

Weight: 5.1 kg
160,00 € 1% reduced!
Delivery time: 1 - 2 Days

Warning Flag Alu 10 Kits

*** Special Offer ***

Package consisting of:

  • 10x Flags left
  • 10x Flags right
  • 20x Aluminium holder
  • 10x Kit mounting material

Dimension: 430x255mm

(according to: StVZO § 53b Abs.5 /German paragraph)

Item fits for Tail Lift
Tail Lift Type
1000AQ 1000H 1000H1TL 1000H2TL 1000K 1000K1 1000K2TL 1000KF 1000KL 1000KUZ 1000KUZF 1000MLPro 1000Rentfix 1000Twinfold 1250H 1250K 1250KL 1500H 1500H1S 1500HUZF 1500K 1500KF 1500KK 1500KL 1500KLUZ 1500KS 1500KUZ 1500KUZF 1500KUZK 1500MLPro 1500Rentfix 1500Twinfold 1750H 2000H 2000H1S 2000HUZF 2000K 2000KK 2000KL 2000KLUZ 2000KS 2000KUZ 2000KUZF 2000KUZK 2500K 2500KK 2500KL 2500KLUZ 3000K 500K 500Minifix 750AQ 750DUO 750K 750K1 750K1TR 750KB 750KSP 750KUZ 750M AST0755 AST1008 AST1258 AST1508 AST2008 ASTK2008 BC1000F2-A1 BC1000F2-A3 BC1000F2-A4 BC1000F4-A1 BC1000F4-A3 BC1000F4-A4 BC1000S-44 BC1000S2-M1 BC1000S2-M2 BC1000S2-M3 BC1000S2-M4 BC1000S2-M5 BC1000S4-A1 BC1000S4-A3 BC1000S4-A4 BC1000SX1 BC1500F2-B1 BC1500F2-B3 BC1500F2-B4 BC1500F4-B1 BC1500F4-B3 BC1500F4-B4 BC1500H42-G1 BC1500H42-G3 BC1500H42-G4 BC1500R21-K2 BC1500R21-K4 BC1500R42-G1 BC1500R42-G3 BC1500R42-G4 BC1500S2-K1 BC1500S2-K2 BC1500S2-K3 BC1500S2-K4 BC1500S4-B1 BC1500S4-B3 BC1500S4-B4 BC1500S4L-A4 BC1500S4U-B4 BC1501S2-K3 BC2000H42-D1 BC2000H42-D4 BC2000R2T-P2 BC2000R2T-P3 BC2000R2T-P4 BC2000R2T-P5 BC2000R41-D1 BC2000R41-H4 BC2000R42-D1 BC2000R42-D4 BC2000S4-C1 BC2000S4-C3 BC2000S4-C4 BC2000S4A-D1 BC2000S4A-D3 BC2000S4A-D4 BC2000S4U-C1 BC2000S4U-W3 BC2000S4U-W4 BC2500R41-D1 BC2500R41-H4 BC2500R4T-H4 BC2500S4-C4 BC3000S4-S3 BC3000S4-S4 BC502A2V/S2V–T BC601A2V/S2V–T BC602A2V/S2V–T BC603A2V/S2V–T BC618A2V/S2V-T BC750A2L-R3 BC750A2L-R4 BC750S2-R1 BC750S2-R3 BC750S2-R4 BC750S2L-R5 BC751SX1 BZ10-130S BZ10-131S BZ10-149S BZ10-151S BZ15-130S BZ15-131S BZ15-149S BZ15-151S BZ20-131S BZ20-152S BZX150-135 BZX150-155 BZX150-175 BZX200-135 BZX200-155 BZX200-175 BZXL150-135 BZXL150-155 BZXL150-175 BZXL200-135 BZXL200-155 BZXL200-175 DFL1000-48 DFL500-48 DFL750-48 DHLM.08 DHLM.10 DHLM.15 DHLM.20 DHLM.30 DHLM.35 DHLM40 DHLM41 DHLM42 DHLM50 DHLMQ.10 DHLSP6 DHLSU11 DHLSU60 DHLSU90 DHSMT.20 DHSO71 DHSO8.15 DHSO8.20 DL1000-48L DL1000-48S DL1500-48L DL1500-48S DL2000-48L DL2000-48S DL2500-48L DL2500-48S DL3000-48S DL500-48 DL750-48 DL950-48 DLB1000-27X1 DLB1000-36 DLB1000-44 DLB1000-45 DLB1000-46 DLB1000-47L DLB1000-47S DLB1250-45 DLB1500-45 DLB1500-46VA DLB1500-46VC DLB1500-47L DLB1500-47S DLB1500-47VA DLB1750-45 DLB2000-45 DLB2000-46VA DLB2000-46VC DLB2000-47L DLB2000-47S DLB2500-45 DLB2500-47S DLB3000-47L DLB3000-47S DLB500-36 DLB500-45 DLB500-47 DLB750-27X1 DLB750-36 DLB750-45 DLB750-47 DLB950-47 DS1500-48VA DS1500-48VB DS2000-48VA DS2000-48VB DS2500-48VA DS2500-48VB DS3000-48VA DS3000-48VB EL1005A EL1010A EL1505A EL2005A EL2025A EL3035A EL753A MBB C1000L MBB C1000MLPro MBB C1000S MBB C1500L MBB C1500MLPro MBB C1500S MBB C1500SK MBB C1500SZ MBB C2000L MBB C2000LK MBB C2000LZ MBB C2000S MBB C2500L MBB C2500S MBB C2500SK MBB C3000S MBB C500LD MBB C500VAN MBB C750L MBB C750LX3 MBB C750S MBB F1000LH MBB F1500LH MBB R1000S MBB R1500L MBB R1500S MBB R1500SH MBB R1500SK MBB R2000L MBB R2000LH MBB R2000LK MBB R2000S MBB R2500L PBS1000 PBS1010 PBS1500 PBS1510 PBS2000 PBS500 PBS750 PTG-S2000 RZLU100-132SA RZU100-132SA X1A1000 X1A1001 Z10-130S Z200-155 Z250-155 ZS250-155 ZSS250-155
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